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Classes/Events at Earth Star:

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Come and create, share and explore with us ...

Classes are held at Earth Star Healing Center. We can also schedule classes in your home for 2 or more people or locally for larger groups.

Space Clearing: $ 44

This is a two hour class. Please register online

Learn how to smudge and clear your house with Sacred Herbs, Tools, Essential oils, Clearing Intention and Prayer. 

Hand outs and PDF downloads will be available. Smudge supplies available for purchase  at Earth Star.

Space Clearing


Original Tarot with Hanson Roberts and Angel Tarot  $44

This is a two hour class. Please Register online.

We will learn the basics about the Original Tarot using the Hanson Roberts Deck and Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot.

We will do a three card reading and Celtic Cross Spread.
We will also look at the evolution of Tarot from Original to Present day.

Handouts and PDF print outs will be available. We also have many demo decks available to use.

Suggested Reading: Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis ( we have them at the store ) Hanson Roberts and Angel Tarot are available for purchase at Earth Star.

Original Tarot Class


Tarot Plain and Simple


Angel Tarot Deck


Tarot Mini Class:
We will do mini readings with the store Demo Decks.


Saturday May 26th 2-3 pm
Saturday June 9 2-3 pm
Saturday July 14 2-3 pm
Saturday August 11 2-3 pm
Saturday Sept 15 2-3 pm
Pendulum Play


This is a two hour class. Please register online.
Cost $44 per person.

Pendulums help us answer questions, read energy, choose food at the grocery store, pick an essential oil, pick a supplement and so much more.

They can also be used in Divination to make sure we are communicating with the light and help us answer questions from our Guides and Angels.

Protocol is necessary to make sure you are safely connecting to your Guidance, to set the intention of the pendulum  and to ensure that you are not influencing the outcome when you ask a question.

We will teach:

How you choose a  pendulum
How to activate your pendulum
Setting intention for use
Ways to use your pendulum
The appropriate way to connect to your Master Guides and Spirit Helpers
How to formulate questions for the best answers

Handouts and PDF downloads will be available. Pendulums are available for purchase at Earth Star.

Pendulum Play


Pendulum Play Mini Class:
Learn how to choose a pendulum, activate it  and start to ask questions. $11

Saturday May 26th 12-1 pm
Saturday June 9th 12-1 pm
Saturday July 14 12-1 pm
Saturday August 11 12-1 pm
Saturday September 15 12-1

Things That Go Bump in the Night  $44

This is a 2 Hour Class with Homework. Please Register Online.

Do you have a Spirit in your home ? Do your animals stay out of certain rooms? Do your children have trouble sleeping at night? Many people are told that there is a ghost in their house but are not told what to do about it. 

I have spent over twenty years clearing houses, land and businesses. I will share how to scan a house, find out what is there and how to clear it. We will discuss tools, prayers and techniques to shift the energy, raise the vibration and create a safe space for those who live there.
Handouts and PDF downloads will be available. Pendulums,smudge supplies and reference books are available at Earth Star.

Things That Go Bump in the Night


Understanding Animals: $44


This is a two hour class. Please Register online.

This class will help you understand the basics of animal communication.

Animals communicate with us in many ways. They send us pictures, emotions and thoughts. We can also read their body language and see changes in behavior.

We will go over the protocol we have learned to ground, connect to the animal, ask permission to communicate and be receptive to the messages.

We will also share what you can do to help alleviate stress and anxiety when you leave your animal at home for work or for  vacation.

We will also discuss how to alleviate stress in the animals life when there is change in the family.

Handouts and PDF downloads will be available for the class. We will also have links for animal communication meditations and grounding meditations to help us to be grounded and have our hearts open. Books and other resources are available at Earth Star.

Understanding Animals


Animal Talk Mini Class:


Bring a picture of your animal and find out reasons for behavioral issues and how to deepen communication between you and your furry friend.

This is a two hour class. Please register online.

We will learn about Spirit Guides and Angelic Helpers,
Elementals, Fairies, Animal Spirits, Plant Spirits  and Devas.
We will discuss how to know who they are and when they are there
How to communicate with them and
ways to call on them to help others.

Guides and Angels



It is important to know what to do in an emergency. This summer there have been floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. We are going into Fall and Winter, a time when snow storms can stop us in our tracks.

We need to know what to do in the event of an emergency, any emergency.

We will teach:
What to pack
What to keep on hand in the house,
What to pack and keep on hand for the children
what to pack and keep on hand for the animals
Emergency heat
Emergency communication
Bug out bags
Web links and resources

This is not a time to be afraid, its a time to be prepared.

Two Hour Class
Cost $44

Emergency Preparedness


Mixed Media Art Play: 

We will experiment with acrylic paint,stamps, stencils, foam, beads, photographs and paper to create a small canvas. We will begin our art session with a Grounding Meditation and intention. We will write a prayer, intention, blessing or message on the canvas before we start and will allow the energy to direct us. Please bring a shirt or apron, 8x10 or smaller white or black canvas, pictures, and any embellishments you want to use. We will provide the rest.

Essential Oils.

Learn about  the use of essential oils singles and blends for people and animals. Bring your questions and learn to create healing blends for your family and the four leggeds in our lives. Each class will have a specific topic and list of oils you can use to enhance the Body, Mind and Spirit.