Earth Star


Que Sera is a stone with a rather amazing properties, it is said to have good vibration and if you do mediation, its a great stone to have. According to Melody this stone is from one of the grand formations of the planet meaning that all these stones have the same properties regardless of their actual physical make-up! Melody calls them UPS (uninterruptible power supply). These Que Sera stones resonate strongly within the higher chakras. It has a number of quite interesting stone meanings and its qualities keep unfolding as you use it. The make up of Que Sera stone is as following: Feldspar, Calcite, Kaolininte, Iron-oxides, Magnetite. Clinozoistite, and Leucozene. They also may have some quartz (they are still natural crystals/stones). Que Sera stones have a strong energy that works quickly to increase clairaudience and very suitable for Tarot Card reader, Psychc reader who needs to increase their psychic hearing. What you ask you may just get the answerThis is an interesting stone, that vibrates to the words of the song of the same name¦ Que Sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.
Pendulums with Stone chips of Garnet, Peridot and Black Tourmaline. 
Petrified Wood  Pendulum  Item # 1357 $ 10
Orgone Pendulum Item # 1356 $ 12
Clear Quartz Pendulum with Peridot  Item # 13554 $16
Celtic Cage Pendulum ( You can put small stones, sage or other items in the pendulum. 
Item # 13559 $12
Goddess Caged Pendulum 
Item # 9563
$ 31.00