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What is Universal White Time Healing?




Universal White Time Healing was created when highly developed Spiritual Beings, having monitored the development on Earth, saw the need for increased healing in the human race. These Beings also saw that humans could perform the healing themselves by opening up to the Universal Healing Force.


The Spiritual Beings carried an ancient knowledge full of light and love and they also carried the knowledge about White Time. They knew that through contacts with humans, that they could connect to and use the White Time. Universal White Time healing is unique due the fact that the healer uses White time in his/her healing and is the force used by Angels, Archangels, Masters and other Higher Beings of the Highest Light.

White Time is past time, present time and the future in one. Time is brought together in one unit. The healer has the ability to give out healing to a patient before the illness has even occurred. He/she can also heal in present time or send the healing power forward in time to prevent the illness breaking out again.

High Spiritual Beings and Beings of Light who created this unique healing form watch over those who use Universal White Time Healing. These Beings are often present when the healings are administered. They have also created a type of filter which is a protection for all people healing and using White Time which ensures that no harm can come to either the healer or to the client during a treatment.

The healing works on all levels of the client even etheric or subtle bodies, Universal White Time Healing can also be used for specific treatments of the client including cleansing the aura, balancing of the chakras, while light containers which work as a personal battery from which the client can draw up energy for up to three months. An ordinary healing session continues to work anything up to 4 weeks, this also depends upon the severity of an illness. A very sick person would probably use up the healing quicker.


During a hand's on healing, the healer places his/her hands on the client’s body in a predefined pattern, but this can be subject to what happens and how the healer is guided during the treatment. The healing power is then secured in the client by using closing of energy channels, particularly around the feet. This makes sure that the power is not drained from the client but will be used by his/her body. The arms, toes are left open so that the client can gather energy from nature.


Depending upon the severity of the illness, the healing power takes effect and heals during the lifespan within the client’s body. The client then returns to the healer if another treatment is needed and so the healings continue. Healing may also be carried out over distance.

A Universal White Time Healer also uses the “Golden Movement” which is another form of energy which is older than time given by the Higher Spiritual Beings.