ABout Me

Who am I ?  

I am a mom, a pet owner, an artist, a jewelry maker, an Energy  Healer, an animal communicator and an Old Soul doing my best to traverse life in 3D.    

I used to have a store in Old Town Fort Collins called One World Imports. (1992-1998)     I closed the store to travel the country with Standing Elk/Golden Light Eagle and help Coordinate Star Knowledge Conferences from 1997-2000.    

I started Earth Star in  Mid Town Fort Collins in 2000. It was  called Earth Star Creations and Earth Star.     Earth Star Healing Center became a web based business in 2009 when it became too expensive to rent in town and I moved back into my house.  

Please text or email me if you want to shop or learn more about Healing Sessions. 970-599-2540.        

The Store is Open:Monday- Saturday by appointment only.    

I am also available for consultations and healing sessions  by appointment.   I have mini classes, two hour classes and art play available weekly.   I can also teach a small class online to two or more people.    

We are all here to support each other on our path. We all have gifts and life experiences to share  

Mitakuye Oyasin- We Are All Related.

Elizabeth ” Lelie” Carroll