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Classes/Events at Earth Star:

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Come and create, share and explore with us ...

Classes are held at Earth Star Healing Center. We can also schedule classes in your home for 2 or more people or locally for larger groups.

Pendulum Play

Thursday October 18th 6:00-8:00 pm
Friday November 16th 6:00-8:00 pm
Friday December 7th 6:00-8:00 pm

This is a two hour class. Please register online.
Cost $44 per person.

Pendulums help us answer questions, read energy, choose food at the grocery store, pick an essential oil, pick a supplement and so much more.

They can also be used in Divination to make sure we are communicating with the light and help us answer questions from our Guides and Angels.

Protocol is necessary to make sure you are safely connecting to your Guidance, to set the intention of the pendulum  and to ensure that you are not influencing the outcome when you ask a question.

We will teach:

How you choose a  pendulum
How to activate your pendulum
Setting intention for use
Ways to use your pendulum
The appropriate way to connect to your Master Guides and Spirit Helpers
How to formulate questions for the best answers

Handouts and PDF downloads will be available. Pendulums are available for purchase at Earth Star.

Pendulum Play


Pendulum Play Mini Class:
Learn how to choose a pendulum, activate it  and start to ask questions.

Saturday October 13th 1-2 pm.
Saturday November 3rd Noon-1 pm.
Saturday December 1st Noon- 1 pm.