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Classes are held at Earth Star Healing Center. We can also schedule classes in your home for 2 or more people or locally for larger groups.

Ghosts, Spirits and Things That Go Bump in the Night  $44

Thursday February 21st 6 pm-8pm

This is a 2 Hour Class with Homework. Please Register Online.

Do you have a Spirit in your home ? Do your animals stay out of certain rooms? Do your children have trouble sleeping at night? Many people are told that there is a ghost in their house but are not told what to do about it. 

I have spent over twenty years clearing houses, land and businesses. I will share how to scan a house, find out what is there and how to clear it. We will discuss tools, prayers and techniques to shift the energy, raise the vibration and create a safe space for those who live there.
Handouts and PDF downloads will be available. Pendulums,smudge supplies and reference books are available at Earth Star.

Things That Go Bump in the Night