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Classes are held at Earth Star Healing Center. We can also schedule classes in your home for 2 or more people or locally for larger groups.

Understanding Animals: $44

Friday February 22nd 6:30-8:30 pm

This is a two hour class. Class limit 6 people.
Please RSVP and Register online.

This class will help you understand the basics of animal communication.

Animals communicate with us in many ways. They send us pictures, emotions and thoughts. We can also read their body language and see changes in behavior.

We will go over the protocol we have learned to ground, connect to the animal, ask permission to communicate and be receptive to the messages.

We will also share what you can do to help alleviate stress and anxiety when you leave your animal at home for work or for  vacation.

We will also discuss how to alleviate stress in the animals life when there is change in the family.

Handouts and PDF downloads will be available for the class. We will also have links for animal communication meditations and grounding meditations to help us to be grounded and have our hearts open. Books and other resources are available at Earth Star.

Understanding Animals


Animal Talk Mini Class:
Saturday October 21st Noon-1 pm
Saturday November 18th Noon- 1 pm
Saturday December 9th Noon- 1 pm

Bring a picture of your animal and find out reasons for behavioral issues and how to deepen communication between you and your furry friend.