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Distance Healing Sessions will be available in July . I am taking time off to process the passing of my mother. Thank you for all the prayers and positive energy being sent to us at this time.

Animal Healing/Animal Communication

Healing Sessions for animals are usually a distance session so they are not stressed by being taken out of the home for a session. I will do a home visit if you prefer or I can call or zoom during the distance session. Cost $55 an hour ( travel costs depend on distance from my home)

I always start with a short session in my healing room before I see the animal in person to communicate with and see/feel what is going on with them. A session always includes a Hara/Chakra Connection, Grounding and Emotional Clearing. A Healing/Communication Session can help you to understand what is going on with your animal and help to strengthen your communication and connection to them.
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Healing Touch for Animals

Please note: We are not a vet. We recommend contacting a vet if there is a health concern or emergency.

Healing Touch / Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing for People

1 hr| $55

Cellular Release and /or Emotion Code. Session starts with Chakra/Hara Repair and Balance. Distance Sessions are available for Emotion Code. We can call, or book zoom sessions.

House/Business Blessing

House/Business Blessing

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I am a mom, a pet owner, an artist, a jewelry maker, an Energy Healer, an animal communicator and an Old Soul doing my best to traverse life in 3D.

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