Earth Star

Jewelry- Sterling Silver, semi precious stones, symbolic, one of a kind.

We have an amazing selection of sterling silver pendants, rings and earrings.

 We have symbolic and energetic jewelry in Sterling Silver , many with semi-precious stones. 
Moldavite: meteorite, high vibrational energy stone. Helps to manifest positive life change opens all chakras, especially the heart. $68

A stone of communication! Helps with calming the mind and emotions. Assists in speaking true feelings from the wisdom of the heart. Encourages inner peace.
Amethyst/Garnet earrings. (garnet on the top)
Spider Jasper Pendant $34 2 1/2 inches long 2 inches at top
We have lots of beautiful pendants. Please text or email for details and prices. We will be updating the pictures with those details in the next few days.