Earth Star

Customer Testimonials

LeLie has been such an inspiration and help to me.  She is a friend, a healer, a shoulder to cry on and a rock to me.  I have grown so much since I have been seeing her this year.  I would highly recommend her to any and all who are in need of some spiritual guidance and grounding.  She has not only cleared my home and office but gone to numerous apartments that I manage to clear those as well!  (Got them rented right away too!!!)  Please allow her to help you too!! Bev Perina Armadillo Property Management
Healing Session Testimonials:

I have experienced Lelie's healing on so many levels. Her connection to 
Spirit is so strong and powerful. She has helped clear and align my energy 
to create positive flow within myself and all that surround me. 
Her work with the heart charka has been life changing. After every session,
 I experience immediate lightness and my life flows smoothly and positively 
with purpose. 
Thank you for all that you share! Katharine
Namaste, I would like to share  a few things from my sessions with the 
Emotion Code with Lelie. 
First I have the Namaste Healing Center in WI. and certified in many 
healing modalities and Lelie is one that my soul and spirit sends me to for 
my own healing. 
I facilitate the Cellular Release process and have found that the  Emotion 
Code works GREAT with the Cellular Release process. I thought with all 
the Cellular Release process's  that we  do at Namaste  that  I was pretty  
healed on all levels, but I realized  that I had some major fears with flying 
and dentists. With the Emotion Code I have been able to RELEASE  those  
fears from many years past. 

As a Walk-In I didnt think I had much to heal with my genetic family and I 
did with my father. I was beat until I bleed as a child and with the Emotion 
Code I realized I had much to release at the cellular level and I did. We are  now working on bringing my Inner Child  forward.

I thank you Lelie and your guidance and for this wonderful Emotion Code 
you have helped me with and we HIGHLY recommend it to all, We all need 
to release our past and heal.

The wonderful thing about this process is this; I dont need to understand 
HOW it works, I KNOW it does work !

Love  you Lelie and thank you for my continued healing, Angel Blessings 
my friend, Rev. Kari Chapman
The Namaste Healing Center 
A 501C3 Non-Profit Spiritual Education Organization
Lake Mills, WI.

On a recent trip my dog experienced a bone dislocation in her left
shoulder. The vet I took her to, which was not her usual vet, said it
was very unusual and it indicated soft tissue cancer. I thought it
was an extreme diagnosis, plus the dislocation corrected itself during
the vet visit. She suggested MRI imaging, pain medication plus an
anti-inflammatory. I gave my dog the pain pill and the
anti-inflammatory to make sure she was not in pain and came home the
next day to see my usual vet for a second opinion.
She disagreed with the first vet, which relieved me, until she
said maybe it was bone cancer and an x-ray would tell us, but because
of the location she would have to be anesthetized to have it done.
Then we could remove the bone with surgery if it was cancer. This
sounded equally extreme! My dog is 9 and has always been healthy.
So I asked Lelie if she would use the Amega Wand on her shoulder
so we could actually help heal it, instead of do more damage just to
figure out why it happened.
Lelie "wanded" her for nearly an hour and my dog sat still and calm
the entire time. It must have felt good and I think she sensed that it
was helping her heal. With both vets she was nervous and trying to
hide behind me. When Lelie was finished, my dog remained calm and in
fact went to sleep and slept through the night. I continued the
anti-inflammatory the following day since it was the last dose, but
there was no need for more pain pills and she hasn't had any
indication of pain or problem since.

Thank you Lelie !

When Rev. Lelie Carroll came to my house my infant son had a rather
large skin rash on the top of his head about the size of a dollar
bill. It was bumpy, red and leaking fluid. We took Lucius to a
Western Doctor who could not identify the rash. Subsequently the
doctor gave us a medicated cream. It made the
rash worse. My wife and I tried some natural and holistic ointments,
oils and Reiki. The rash didn't get worse, but it continued to
irritate Lucius. Not knowing where to turn to we called Lelie.

For the first hour, while her and I engaged in very stimulating
and enlightening conversation, Lelie, using the Amega Wand,
wanded Lucius for about an hour. Not only did the rash diminish
in size the red color faded almost completely and the fluid
stopped seeping. Meanwhile I am certain that she
was connecting with Lucius and the Universe to find the source of
the rash.

After taking the red away again, Lelie used her pendulum to see
which of his Chakras were opened or closed. As soon as she
reached his six and seven Chakras, the pendulum stopped.
Lelie then did a chakra connection and Lucius was changed.
His demeanor was brightened, a true healthy color returned to his head.
He was giggly and jovial, like a burden had been lifted off
his shoulders.
He slept better that night, then any of the nights in the past
weeks, with his arms above his head and a smile on his face.
Thank you Lelie for letting the Universe use you to heal my child.