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Pet Healing  / Pet Care
Pet Healing / Pet Care in Northern Colorado. 

 I have had animals all my life. Presently I have dogs, cats, horses and chickens. 

I understand how hard it is to find a loving caretaker when you work all day or go away on vacation. 

 I am also a Healing Touch For Animals Practitioner and am Certified in Animal First Aid. 

If you have special need pets or older pets I can help with medication and special care.

Pet Sitting/ Pet Care Options and Rates: 

For Dogs, Cats and Small Pets

Pet Sitting
$10-15 per visit for up to 2 pets. Each additional pet $2
Pet Sitting includes feeding, checking water, dog walking, bringing in mail/paper, cleaning litter box,watering plants.

Overnight Care
: $30-$60 per night 7 pm- 7 am

Overnight Care includes  AM/ PM walks, feeding, checking water, medication, play time, watering plants, bringing in mail/ paper, rotating lights .

Healing Touch Sessions can be added for $33 per session per pet for new clients or $1 a minute for regular clients.

Large Animal / Farm Animal  Care:

Feeding for Horses, Donkeys, Goats, Chickens. $15-$20 day for up to 5 horses/ donkeys , small flocks of chickens and small herds of goats.

Care includes feeding, checking water, turning on /off lights for chickens. Stall cleaning if needed, blanketing and general care. Overnights are $60 a night.

Healing  Sessions can be added for Large Animals at $33 per animal per session for new clients or $44-$60 depending on what is needed. ( essential oils etc. )

Please call me at 970-599-2540 or email me if you have any questions or want to schedule a healing  or pet sitting. Or use the form below.