Earth Star

Spiritual Growth Coach

Spiritual Growth Coach:

Do you want to strengthen your gifts?

Set up a one on one Session and learn Protocol and Technique for:

Divination, Space Clearing,Animal Communication,
Communication with your Guides and Angels, Essential Oils,
Creating Energetically charged Jewelry and Art...

I am here to help.

We will share our knowledge of these subjects and help you learn your gifts and strengthen your abilities.

We can also teach how to use Tarot, Pendulums, Clearing and charging stones, basic energy clearing techniques.

Some people would rather learn in a private setting and learn at their own pace.

We can also teach in a group setting at our home our yours.

New clients are $33 an hour and Regular client sessions after that are $44 an hour per person.

We can also set up skype sessions if you do not live locally.