Earth Star

Animal Talk /Animal Communication

We love our animals. We feed them healthy food, buy them toys and take them to the vet when they are not feeling well. 

If they are acting out, having accidents, having behavioral issues, off their food, not using the litter box or just not being their regular selves we need to find out what is going on. 

Age, health issues, diet changes, pain, fear, past abuse and change in the household can cause change in behavior.  
If you are having issues with your animal/animals I can help find out what is going on. 

We use a combination of Energy balancing,  Animal Communication and Emotional Clearing to bring about positive change.

Animal Communication Sessions are available at your home or in a distance session. I can do readings by phone, email or skype. 
You are welcome to call me, text me or email me with questions and concerns. I am happy to explain what I do and help get to the bottom of the issue. 
Book a session today or give one as a gift.
Animal Communication Session -New Client
Animal Communication Session- One Hour