Earth Star


We have a great selection of mini candles, quick spell candles, votives, and special occasion candles. Please call or email us for details.

Mini  Candles 5 for $1

Cranberry Red: Love, Passion, Courage ( 1st Chakra)
Orange: Strength, Success, Joy ( 2nd Chakra)
Yellow: Clairvoyance, Communication, ( 3rd Chakra)
Green: Healing, Prosperity (4th Chakra)
Blue: Meditation, Tranquility, Moon (5th Chakra)
Purple: Spirituality, Intuition (6th Chakra)
White: Purity, Protection (7th Chakra)
Black: Absorb Negative Energy (1st Chakra)
Pink: Emotional Love, Harmony (4th Chakra)
Light Blue: Clear Communication (5th Chakra)
Apricot: Gentle Strength and Joy ( 2nd Chakra)

Black Candle 5 for $1
Apple Green Mini Candle
Orange Mini Candle
Yellow Mini Candle
Green Mini Candle
Blue Mini Candle
Purple Mini Candle
White Mini Candle
Pink Mini Candle
Light Blue Mini Candle
Apricot Mini Candle